Bennett Fire Protection District

"Striving to preserve life and property"

EMS Division

Bennett Fire Protection District responds to emergency medical calls for service with a staff of Colorado state-certified First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Staffing allows for at least two personnel to respond to any emergency, however Reserve Firefighters frequently increase the number of personnel responding as well as the apparatus that may respond to a call. When a medical emergency is called in to 911, Bennett Fire responds with at least an ambulance to any medical emergency as well as an Engine if staffing allows. This allows more people to respond to a call initially, rather than calling for additional help later on.

The Bennett Fire Protection District hired its first Paramedic in 1992 to provide EMS care to its citizens. Since then The District has been committed to providing the best care possible to the area. The ambulances provided are Advanced Life Support capable and are equipped with state of the art equipment in order to provide the most advanced life saving techniques and procedures available to the area.

The EMS Division is currently supervised by Assistant Chief Timothy McCawley. To contact Assistant Chief McCawley, Please call our Headquarters located at station 93 in the town of Bennett at (303) 644-3572 or email Battalion Chief McCawley works with the I-70 Physician Advisors from The Medical Center of Aurora to make sure that Bennett Fire is using the most cutting edge equipment and techniques to assist in saving lives in area.

Medical direction is provided by emergency physicians at The Medical Center of Aurora in accordance with established protocols.

EMS Division