Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue

"Striving to preserve life and property"

Station 92

Station 92 is located at 35900 East Colfax Ave. Station 92 is staffed 24 hours a day by career staff, and supplemented by volunteer and reserve personnel. Station 92 is the primary response station for any call throughout the fire district, and is staffed with a Firefighter/Paramedic capable of providing Advanced Life Support, as well a full time Firefighter/EMT and part-time Firefighter/EMT. As volunteers supplement the career staff, staffing can be adjusted to ensure that Station 92 also has personnel on duty. Station 92 houses four apparatus including Medic 92, Engine 92, Brush 92, and Tender 92. These apparatus are all cross staffed by the members on shift. This station has living quarters and the ability to house up to 6 personnel per night. As this station may be unmanned during some periods of the day, if you need district assistance, please visit station 93 during daily business hours, or if you have an emergency to report please call 911.