Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue

"Striving to preserve life and property"

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5 year plan 

1- Build new Firehouse, Maintenance Building, and Administration Building at the 825 Shari’s Court location. 


     - The District is out of room for sleeping quarters at all the stations, sleeping areas are essential for firefighters working for 48 hour periods. 

     - Station 91 on 5th street is a very old station (built in 1950) that doesn’t meet any of the ADA requirements. 

     - The living quarters today are the old bays which are extremely cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. 

     - The building is cinder block construction with no insulation. 

     - At this time there are only 2 sleeping rooms and there are times we have 3 or 4 members staying there. 

     - It is difficult to maintain volunteer staffing when they have to come out and give their time to sleep in a chair or a couch. 

     - The station is not energy efficient. 

     - A new facility would cost an estimated $7,000,000. 


2- Remodel station 92 and add a training building on the south side. 

     - This will give us the ability to add more bedrooms downstairs and have an offices and dayroom upstairs. 

     - Fix the driveway and training ground. 

          - The current driveway is mostly dirt. we add rock but with snowplowing we lose the rock. 

     - The training ground is approximately 50% covered with crushed asphalt, we would like to finish off the rest. 

     - Estimated cost for all projects at Station 92: $450,000. 


3- Equipment 

     - New Engine in 2019- $700,000 

     - New Ambulance in 2018- $230,000 

     - New Command Truck 2018- $ 60,000 

     - New Tender 2019 – $350,000 

     - Extractor washing machine (Cancer Prevention)- $50,000 

     - SCBA Fill Station- $ 65,000 


4- Staffing needs 5 years. 

     - Increase staffing to 3 full time at both stations 92, 93. 

     - The reserve and volunteer members would pull shifts and both stations would have 4 person crews increasing service and safety. 

     - Able to respond to multiple calls at the same time and gets us closer to the recommend national staffing on scene of a structure fires. 


5- Growth in the district. 

     - The outlook for the district is a possible increase of homes and commercial in the next 5 to 20 years this could add up 11,000 homes and 10+ million square feet of Commercial development. 

     - The district needs to stay ahead of growth by building new stations, keeping the equipment in the best shape and staffing to meet the needs of our citizens. 


6- Budget 

     - The budget received some added revenue from the oil and gas company’s in 2016 but the outlook is for that to decline due to smaller output in 2017 and maybe decrease even more in 2018. 

     - This will reduce the budget funds that we will have to work with.